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Eye Tribe Tracker

Eye Tribe Tracker is a very affordable yet capable eye tracker. This highly mobile and light eye tracker requires very short preparation time.

Connected and charged through the same USB cable, this tracker is also easy to clean. Sampling rate of this tracker ranges from 30 Hz to up to 70 Hz per second.

Product Spesification

  • Sampling rate: 30Hz to 75Hz
  • Accuracy: 0.5° – 1°
  • Latency: < 16 ms
  • Screen sizes: Up to 27”

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Another commonly used neuromarketing technique is Eye-Tracking. As the name suggests these devices track the white area around the pupil to determine where the eyes are focused on a given area.

However, they also provide information about pupil size, blink count and etc. In addition to creating powerful heatmaps and scan paths, Neurolize takes full advantage of the information provided by these devices and combines this information with the results of other devices. For example, pupil size diameter is known to be related with attention. Neurolize uses this information with the EEG results to provide better attention scores.