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About Neurolize

Neuromarketing is the study of unconsciously developed reactions of human body to understand the certain aspects of consumer behavior.

Due to the complexity of human machine, neuromarketing heavily relies on careful analysis of very complicated data sets from various sources to create reliable results.

Neurolize is a new and easier way of utilizing neuromarketing for behavioral search.

Software removes all the standard tasks natural to neuromarketing and creates easier interfaces that offer computer aid for the tasks require human touch. Neurolize also automates the search for more reliable results. Data driven, machine learning trained analysis algorithms based on academic literature helps you conduct neuromarketing experiments regardless of your experience in neuroscience.

Neurolize offers a more affordable and accessible neuromarketing solution

Neurolize reduces workload for human talent, saves time and reduces costs to make neuromarketing more affordable and accessible.

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Main Features

Analyze Data

Analyzed data automatically turned into visual reports which can be exported.

Synchronize Real- Time Data

Record data from multiple devices in sync

Design Experiments

Design experiments step by step to easily study complicated problems

Plug And Play Hardware

Don’t deal with multiple software products and manage all automatically

Reduce Costs

Save time, increase capacity and reduce workload for human talent

Raw Data Export

Data collected through the software can be exported for your own analysis

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