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Research projects that we take on have been a big part our research technology development. Most of our innovative ideas came to be as a response to the challenges, our research partners have faced. As we have taken more and more unusual cases of both in academic and professional research fields, we are able to offer our technology users more and more flexibility. That’s why we are so invested in our work and can offer a greater level of customization for your research projects.
Our research services suit you best if youare facing an uncommon problem, you want to incorporateunconscious behaviour into your research and/or you need an expert to help you with various stages of your research project.
Neurolize is one of the oldest providers, offering neurotechnology to answer research problems. We are also one of the few ones that has the expertise and experience to adjust methodologies to suit your research needs. We provide 360° of service from designing experiments to resulting them. We can help you for a certain phase or take on the entire project depending on your needs. Please get in touch with us to know more.