About Us

Neuromarketing is the utilization of neuroscience to understand consumer behavior. Neurolize is an easier, faster and better way to utilize neuromarketing.

about neurolize

Neuromarketing mainly aims to utilize physiological reactions that may not be consciously perceived by the subject; hence, regarding unconscious part of decision making, this analysis is more revealing than self-reports on surveys, in focus groups, etc.

Neurolize aims to create an easier, faster and better way to utilize neuromarketing and make it more accessible so, more behavioral researchers can employ and benefit from its potential. Neurolize is designed to overcome common problems faced by most behavioral researchers regardless of their experience in neuroscience. We understand the hardships of analyzing a super complicated mechanism such as human machine and utilize state of the art technologies to meet its requirements for reaching reliable results.

Take a deeper look, try it for free and contact us to discover how easy neuromarketing can be without the standard tasks, how fast you can analyze data if cloud processing technology is used and how better results can be reached when academic knowledge is combined with machine learning.

The Neurolize Team


Okan Özbek

Okan Özbek


Has been designing and conducting neuromarketing experiments since 2012. He realized neuromarketing could be way easier with computer aid and founded Neurolize with this purpose. If you have any questions regarding how to answer a specific question by using our software he is the man you should talk to.

Tuna Çakar

Tuna Çakar


Has been working on neuroscience for more than 10 years. He has been educated by the best universities in Turkey until he got his PhD and started teaching about this passion of his, besides improving Neurolize as one of the founding team members. If you want to learn more about our algorithms or seek advice about how to analyze raw data exported through our software, he is the man you should talk to.

Çağlar Kılınç

Çağlar Kılınç


Has been responsible for the daily operations, public and clients relations of Neurolize since the start as one of the founding team members. If you have any questions regarding payments and billing or want to get in touch with Neurolize for other topics, he is the man you should talk to.