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EEG or Electroencephalography is the most commonly utilized neuromarketing technique. Typically, EEG refers to the recording of the brain’s spontaneous electrical activity. Hence the biggest advantage of this technique is to provide simultaneous snapshots of brain activity.

EEG devices measures voltage fluctuations resulting from ionic current within the neurons of the brain and this activity can be analyzed in a spectral content, generally referred as brain waves. These brain waves, when carefully analyzed, contains great information about our unconscious responses that provides insights for human behavior.

Neurolize focuses on complex interactions and communications of neurons from different parts of the brain to provide such insight rather than just to analyze a specific part of the brain. This unique advantage of Neurolize is only possible with the help of state of the art machine learning systems.

Integrated Biometric


g.Nautilus 32

Manufacturer: g.Tec
g.Nautilus 32

32 channel, wireless EEG device

g.Nautilus 16

Manufacturer: g.Tec
g.Nautilus 32

16 channel, wireless EEG device

Eye Tribe Tracker

Manufacturer: The Eye Tribe Co.
g.Nautilus 32

Affordable yet capable eye tracker


Manufacturer: Any Webcam or Integrated Cameras
g.Nautilus 32

HD cameras are recommended

Shimmer3 GSR+

Manufacturer: Shimmer
g.Nautilus 32

Light, wearable and wireless GSR

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Neurolize focuses on making neuromarketing more accessible and devices play a crucial role for this purpose. We are tirelessly working to catch up with the cutting-edge device technology and provide more options for our users.

That’s why we created an infrastructure which makes it easy for device manufacturers to integrate with Neurolize for free. We support common protocols such as Lab Streaming Layer (LSL) and provide an easy to use API to ensure the best performance possible.

We are always interested in new techniques and devices that can be utilized by behavioral researchers. Contact us to get the necessary documents and learn more about integration process.

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