Neurolize is an easier, faster and better way to employ neuroscience for behavioral research.

Neurolize aims to make neuromarketing more accessible by providing an all in one application for behavioral researchers. Apart from its main data analysis function that reduces the workload for human talent, software also provides necessary tools to design and conduct experiments that can utilize multiple neuromarketing techniques simultaneously.

Neurolize is designed to answer the needs of all behavioral researchers regardless of their experience in neuroscience. Less experienced users can take advantage of machine learning trained analysis algorithms and create reports whereas advanced users can take advantage of Neurolize infrastructure to collect and export raw data for their own analysis.

Neurolize One Solution for Neuromarketing Neurolize One Solution for Neuromarketing Full

Leave Standard Tasks to Neurolize

Put More Energy into Making Right Decisions

  • Choose Experiment Category
  • Determine Participant Parameters (Gender, Income Level)
  • Select Devices
  • Provide Stimulus
  • Save and/or Start Experiment
  • Load or Design an Experiment
  • Connect Devices
  • Monitor Control Screen During Experiment
  • Provide Required Participant Information
  • Export or Analyze Raw Data
  • Access Reports through Management Panel
  • Export/Filter Results

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